Possibly (likely) User Error: Some Dorico 4 keyboard shortcuts not working

So I think this might be my doing. Once I installed Dorico 4, I wanted to port over my previously set up key commands. sO I replaced the ‘keycommands_en’ with the Dorico 3.5 one. Normally when I do something like this, I create a copy, but it was late and I was tired, so I forgot.

Now I notice that a number of the new key shortcuts don’t appear to work for me (e.g. ALT+Y, J, several others). I’m guessing this is because I changed the file. I tried resetting the key commands, but I’m guessing that just resets it to the file I inserted.

So assuming this is has happened, can someone make the ‘keycommands_en’ file available to me? If it’s not that, anyoe any thoughts?

The file that’s in your user folder is just shortcuts you’ve personally set. The factory ones are stored in a similar file in a completely different location.

If you use Reset Key Commands within Dorico 4 preferences, that should either delete the contents of the file you’d copied across or delete the file altogether; I can’t remember which. Deleting the file manually and restarting Dorico should have the same effect.

It’s probably easiest to stick with your copied Dorico 3.5 file but figure out where the conflicts are. Thankfully it’s a .json file so if you open it in a good text editor it should be human-readable. Identify the custom 3.5 shortcuts that overlap with the new Dorico 4 factory ones (e.g. whatever you previously used Alt-Y for) and either change the shortcuts or strip out the line and its surrounding curly brackets.

I assume you installed 4 on a different computer than you have 3.5. If it’s on the same computer, your 3.5 shortcuts were automatically copied over for you when you first ran 4.

Sorry, that was supposed to say ALT+I (for toggling the insert modes).

In any case I’m not sure what I did or what was going on, since it seems my changing that file would’t have removed the new key commands. I just did a quick reinstall and all key commands working fine now.