Post Cubase 13 Trial Ends

Hello all,

My Cubase 13 PRO trial is ending in a few days from now.

The problem is that I am in the middle of a project and I sam yet to decided if I should upgrade to the official full version.

Can the trial can be extended by a few days upon request or if it automatically downgrades to a lower version.

Any information or guidance on this would be extremely helpful. Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The license will just expire. Then you can use Cubase version, you have license for.

You can open the project in older Cubase version.

Thank you @Martin.Jirsak.

I currently have 9.

Is there anyway i could downgrade the 13 PRO trial to an official Elements or Artists version once it expires?

Even Upgrading from 9 PRO to 13 Artist is an option I am open to as my work doesnt require too many tracks or VSTs.


If you have a Pro versioun, you cannot downgrade to Artist or lower edition, sorry.

Pro version doesn’t bring just more tracks or VSTs. It brings also lot’s of unique features. Please, se the comparison chart.

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