Post fader inserts unusable after freeze?

I don’t understand the utility of post fader fx not being frozen if when I freeze a track or an instrument, I can’t edit, turn it on or off, unless I reload it, but then I lose the settings. Is that correct? Is there an option I bypassed that causes this to happen, because it is totally meaningless in my opinion. I must remind that it is the same in v5.5.2.



Because if post fader inserts were frozen, you could not adjust volume anymore…

The way you quoted me was unfair without the rest of the sentence :slight_smile:, the part that I don’t understand is: if they’re not frozen, why can’t they be edited and turned on/off or bypassed?

Sorry, but honestly I was in a hurry, didn´t really read that 2nd part too well - so apologies for that… :blush: And additionally: I don´t have any usefull answer atm…

No problem at all. I wonder if that could be considered a bug, because if it is by design, I’d love someone to explain me why is that so badly designed.