Post filter causing crash

Hi, I sometimes get a crash (Nuendo shuts down) when I use the Post filter, usually caused by hitting the preview button. Is this a known issue? I have to restart the whole computer to make it go away competely.

This is on 5.01

What OS are you on?

Preview is not buffered, which means that your system need to have enough CPU/RAM to perfrom this operation.
Normally, when your system hasn’t enough “strength” anymore, preview just doesn’t work.
So it could be that you are on the edge, or that something else is messing it up, like bad RAM.
Just guessing …


Hi, this is on Vista, I have 6GB of RAM so unless it’s in very bad shape the should be sufficent I hope…

On the project it happened on today I had 1 videotrack with 30sec video and 2 mono audio tracks.

What you say sound sensible, I just don’t see how I can check or improve it.

Post filter caused many crashes for me so I don’t use it any more. I’m not sure if it was ever fixed.