"Post It Notes" - Stickied to regions, tracks, etc

Some people say “+1”, I say -1 because I don’t think it’s a good idea and a waste of development time IMO.

No need to bring the salt.

You’re saying something that doesn’t exist is messy.

Now you’re saying it’s just a waste of development time - fair enough. Taking notes efficiently really who cares, there’s no historic relevance or importance to the development of the human race or anything.

Has anybody read my brainstorming I posted yesterday?

I think it can be a good start point to have organized a lot of notes.

I hope all people is saying +1 to this issue can make a brainstorming to inspire Steinberg to make something easy and effective, and far away to have a mess.

PS:I want to remark that today I have a mess with all the notes I have for tracks and parts and songs. I suppose I am not the only one with the same problem.

Come on, we are musicians!! Be constructive, not destructive!!!

Your idea of sticky notes in Cubase is not above criticism because it hasn’t been implemented. Not sure what you’re on about.

We’re talking about digital sticky notes in Cubase here, not the vague notion of “taking notes”. It’s my opinion that in addition to it not being a great idea, it’s not worth the added complexity and dev time that could be spent on bugs.

I don’t think it’s above criticism, I welcome it… But you’re not giving much to go on. If you wanted to expand your worries of how it become messy, I’d be eager to discuss. But you’re just saying, “no, this would be messy”, but, I what I’m envisioning wouldn’t be messy.

Anyways, I think almost any idea can not be messy if designed right - would you agree?

So let’s talk about development worth/value then and why this would be useful.

-Film sound design either musical elements or sound effects - can have a lot of information, you can have 100 variations of the same 2 second sound and have notes about each single one of them. The director is giving you notes, the lead sound designer, etc.


-Film foley, ADR.

-mixing 20 minute indie rock tracks

-complicated projects that have a crew of people working on the same session.

-multiple takes of the same track, live studio recordings.

-taking notes on 5hr jazz fusion improv jam sessions

-a producer/engineer making notes on vocal pitch issues to send to a tuning editor

Not to mention, I’m tired of paper. Buying it, using it, throwing it away.

On a side note,
if this idea ever became implemented, It would be great to have a hideable notes overview over at the top of the project just like project overview, or maybe this could be implemented into project overview. This would allow someone to see notes over the time of the project without having to scroll up and down through all the tracks. They could click on a note bulletin point and it would send them down to the track/location of that particular note.

hey what do you know, Hans Zimmer using marker notes :slight_smile:

Maybe make a little mockup image of your idea so it’s more concrete.

Somehow your posts got missed in all the philosophical +1/-1 business. :laughing: Thanks for the contribution

That’s what I’m saying, if you Resonantmind or anyone else who likes this idea can come up with a concrete way to make it work (make a mockup or something) then I wouldn’t be against it.

What’s funny about this topic is that all the +/- discussion is keeping this topic at the top of the list. And now there are a lot of posts on it. Most likely good for the op… not the dissenter.

Over the years there has been many topics posted about improving the Cubase notes system. If i were the OP I would try to find them and place a link to them in this topic. Then Steinberg would see all the requests in one place.

Again +1 for the idea. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I guess the OP’s strategy of triple posting on this page must greatly help his cause too.

But actually, the amount of replies don’t determine if a feature will be implemented. Look at how many replies the Sampler Track feature request got: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=228&t=92453


I’ll come up with a mock up, but only if you chat dirty to me in PM… Triple posting ain’t nothin’…

I would like to add what I would use a feature like this for:

  • Remember myself what to rehearse better and then record again
  • Take note of ideas I can’t record (yet)
  • Take note of mixing ideas
  • Take note of why there are 6 different variations
  • Remember what hardware synth / patch / guitar setting / preamp setting / microphone was used
  • Take note of reproduction hints for sampling long streams of vintage hardware single notes
  • Remember who to thank for the inspiration for

Quite true. :frowning:

I’ve seen certain features be requested now for 17 years, with overwhelming support (I mean 50 to 100 +1s) Never made -any- impact. Never even got a ‘good idea!’ from SB.

I don’t disagree with both of you. But, if I was the OP, I would be happy to see my FR staying at the Top O’ Da FR forum list… Like this one is. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I was happy until people stopped posting in here.

I haven’t drawn a mock up yet, I’ll get to it…

Any other thoughts on this? im thinking about doing a graphic mock up.

I had the exact same idea some time ago. It would be nice if done right (graphically speaking), very useful for applying notes to projects or for resuming projects.

Clearly, there is a place for notes in the existing ‘track notes’ areas - I would suggest using this notepad for track details and more detailed explanations. But a new sticked notes feature would be useful for mixing ideas, to-do list stuff, feedback/suggestions.

No more needing to write
0:44 adjust fade
1:32 volume up
Just sticky right to the timeline and track.