Post Links To Your Music Site HERE!

Now that we have a sparkingly new forum, maybe it’s a good time for all of us to post links to our music sites in one place, in case anyone is curious as to what each other’s music sounds like if they’ve not heard it before. I’d suggest a seperate post for individual NEW songs so that people can comment - this thread can just be for the overall music site links where people have their songs posted.

I’ll get it started - here’s mine: my alternative rock project (some free downloads, but am in the process of remastering the first album), this seems to be the thing most Cubasers know me for and prefer. my electronic/ambient/rock instrumental fusion, all free d/l my one off electronic synthpop album free d/l an old Cubase for MIDI (Atari ST) / 8 track analogue recording rescued from an old DAT tape, a demo I did with a soul/jazz singer Debbie from 1999/2000.

My music links are on my sig. I’m not really sure what the benefit of adding them to this thread would be? :bulb: Unless it was a sticky this thread will invariably descend away into obscurity …

I’m hoping it will be a sticky. Most people DON’T put there music sites in their signatures.

This first one are going to be the most modern mixes. Songs written for media, etc…
The music library

…and this is our band stuff.
The band

Will eventually have more (individual) songs to post!