Post-Panner returns random volumes (64-bit processing)


What does Post-Panner metering do exactly? I’m getting inconsistent levels when I use it. I am using the new 64-bit processing engine, and it doesn’t happen with the 32-bit version. I’m testing with a single stereo wave file (a snare hit). I have a fresh new project, no plugins or processing. The audio track is going into master buss. Pan is set to center on both, fader is at zero. I play the file, let it ring, and after stopping playback I wait for the meters to fall all the way, then reset all readings. The highest I get is -9.2 dB (that’s the input level) and the rest are randomly below it, down to -17.3 dB. With Post-Fader or input metering it doesn’t happen. It also doesn’t happen in any scenario if I put the file on a mono track.

Is the metering system bugged or am I missing something?

Make sure the tracks pre-gain is set to 0.

It is 0. Disabling the pre stage doesn’t affect anything either.

What’s very odd is that the left and right channels show slightly varying levels independently. So it’s not just the overall level of the entire L+R sum that is random. Both channels show different values.

Tested post panner metering here and I see no variation in the level.

My guess is that there is some other variable in your test scenario. Is your snare hit test comparing levels of one single snare hit only (in cycle playback for example)? (in other words NOT multiple hits of the same snare).

Yes, just that one instance of the hit. There’s nothing else on the project. And it’s not even on cycle playback, I stop and restart playback manually.

Then I don’t know what’s happening. Here it is rock solid.

Ok, gonna contact support.

You said it is a stereo file, which may explain why left and right channels are not exactly the same. Maybe the sample you used have some processing done to it already.

It should always return the same values though since nothing is being processed in real time.