Post Production for TV

Hello There,
Is it possible to do a TV-Film Post Production on Cubase 7?
Thank you

wouldnt know why not…

might ask the company to put a copy of Nuendo on their Spesenkonto for you though :wink:


you may not want to use 7.5.1 however, to be able to use edit mode. (use 7.5.0 instead.)


@ggc, That would be very nice if they’d do that:)

edit: posted on the wrong topic :blush:

Cubase is fine for basic working to video when it comes to music, but its far from ideal for spotting effects, tracklaying, ADR etc. Essentially that’s what Nuendo is for (or of course Pro Tools, Pyramix etc). I use Cubase for scoring, PT for audio work.