Post Studio Considering Nuendo 7

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So the post production studio where I work in the Los Angeles area up until now we has been using a DAW called SAW Studio. The problem in not so many words is that SAW is behind the times and so we are considering switching to Nuendo 7. There are some amazing features in SAW Studio that are ideal for working in post production, for example one could have up to 6 effects folders open at once and select from them, this makes work flow super smooth where effect editing is concerned. A second example is a special solo button that activates over any track the cursor has selected, I have never seen such a feature anywhere else. Yet another attribute of SAW that worked for us is that the waveform and the automation where located in the same track, so instead scrolling unnecessarily through a set of waveforms with their corresponding automation right underneath, they were consolidated to a singular track.

Does Nuendo have comparable features to those above?

We have been experimenting with Nuendo 7 for a few days now and while it certainly exhibits a fair share of praiseworthy attributes, where post production in concerned we don’t want to end up with something that will impede work flow.

Even a simple feature such as selecting a group of tracks and giving them a uniform color would be nice, I am assuming Nuendo 7 has such a feature?

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Doing one thing to several tracks at ones works the same as in Pro-Tools. Alt-shift mouse press, while having several channels selected by selecting them with Ctrl or shift.

You can solo a track with the S button, but only ones selected as far as I know. Maybe you could create a macro that selects the channel you’re hovering above and soloing it. You can create all sorts of macros.

The waveform and automation are not located on the same track as Pro-tools has it too (I think that’s what you mean). For post that kinda is a downside, I agree… Because if you want to edit all the volumes all tracks are basically 2 tracks instead of one. The waveform/clips and the volume underneath. It would be cool to be able to overlay the volume on the clips (or any other automation) somehow.

You can also copy the settings of one mixer track to another by just dragging and dropping the channels at the bottom. That kinda is a cool new feature.

Not by hovering above a track, but there is a preference “Enable solo on selected track(s)”


But that would clash with the clip gain automation line. If you use that of course …


Pro Tools’ solution works fine: Just show one or the other and allow a key command to toggle it.

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Thanks for all of your responses to my post, Jdieks, Fredo, MassiasNYC, we appreciate the assistance here at the studio here as we are learning the ins and outs both literally and figuratively.

We were able to figure out that Ctrl + Right click brings a menu down and there is an option titled “use color for similar tracks” for coloring a group of tracks, nifty little option there.

As far as macro is concerned, how does one go about altering the macro setup? If one enters the key command menu there is an option to “show macros” and from there 3 buttons are available “New Macro” “Add Command” and “Delete” how to specify to Nuendo that I want a button designed to solo a track of which the cursor is hovering over eludes me.

Currently we use the scrub tool to navigate around the project window in a way that we are accustomed, in SAW when you clicked on a given part of the screen workspace, the moving timeline bar (what is the official name for that?) would automatically relocate itself to wherever you clicked. The scrub tool does the same except you need to be over a waveform otherwise it may or may not stay in that selected place which is somewhat annoying.

It looks like Neundo is going to be our next move, it just has a great deal to offer despite its differences to our software. Btw is the Rupert Neve EQ worth looking into? The EQ in Nuendo sounds pretty smooth as it happens and we have our own such as PulseTec which is a sweet EQ if you don’t already have it. Just curious if it is actually neve level quality?

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Like Fredo said, I don’t think you can select by hovering, macro or not. Again, what you could do is enable solo following selected track. It’s just that you’d have to select the track of course (and you can do that by having selecting track follow selecting event, I think).

You can locate by clicking in empty space. However, doing that and doing it by scrubbing an event are mutually exclusive though in the sense that either you have the scrub tool or the selection tool.

I wish I knew if the Neve EQ was worth it. I’m sure it sounds very nice. I just find myself using the stock EQ all the time because it’s clean. For color I have UAD already so that takes care of more ‘aggressive’ EQing for me. If you end up demoing it please report back and let us know what you think :slight_smile:

The Neve EQ is really good

There’s also the colour tool for general colour control.

And +1 for the Neve EQ plug-in. Very good EQ. I’d also recommend SSL X-EQ.

Good to hear from you all once again,

Stingray, Robin Walsh and MattiasNYC thank you for your replies. So we are close to pulling the trigger here, will probably be picking up Nuendo 7 today or tomorrow. We were watching a video tutorial from Steinberg about Nuendo 7 and there is a function within key commands where you can import key commands from other DAW’s such as protools and apply them to your session. Where does one find those presets and load them to nuendo?
Also, if one is project sharing is it possible to communicate with the person one is sharing with?

File/Keycommands/preset pull down list (this is a pre made list supplied by Steinberg)

I see, in the version we are running there is nothing listed under that tab, I am assuming they will be available when we purchase the software then.

no matter what version you are running [licensed or Trial] the key commands preset for protoolsshould be there. The trial is a fully functional version with a time limit.

upper left…
File/keyCommands/in the pop up box to the mid right is the preset tab, click on it and there should be a “protools keycommands” option (see attached picture)


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Thanks Brain for your help, I was not at the studio today but I will check this out tomorrow. We were wondering if we can use the command presets from Sawstudio on Nuendo, that would be clutch.