hi, i was interested to see what other people have been making using cubasis, and what quality they can achieve. so far i am impressed with the app, when it doesnt crash or corrupt files, it seems to be quite intuitive to use. having audiobus also makes it good as i am not too keen on the inbuilt sounds.

anyway heres my first tune using cubasis…

constructive criticism appreciated … i am a bit of newbie at this stuff

Interesting pc. i like the basic concept but the off timed drums throw me off a bit. i’m taking it was intentional?
Aside from that it has a real cool alternative sound to it.

Here’s one I finished up a few weeks ago. It’s called Crystal World.

yeah i get a bit impatient, and the midi editor in cubasis kinda annoys me.

that crystal song has good a good guitar tone, was that using jamup, or the inbuilt amps?

2 clean arpegiated guitars recorded left/right thru JamUp. Overdrive guitar and end guitar lead thru Mobile Pod audio out from iPhone to iPad.

Hey guys I like what you have done with this. Shows real thought and creativity. Akamarko, so clean ! Unfortunately my desires to create are high but lately arthritis grows faster than imagination in my hands. Looking forward to hearing more

I hear ya. At age 44 and playing the just 6 string since last fall, (I’m an Ex bass player from years back) I fumble quite a bit more than I’d like. My enthusiasm is whats driving me. Also, I run my hands under warm water before playing guitar to help loosen me up. Hope to hear you lay down some tracks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement …I found out about the warm water about a year ago and it does work. Also tried stretching each finger a little before playing by bending to backwards towards the wrist …my best guess is that attitude is the greatest approach. As you say, your enthusiasm is a key.

While only a number, I am 59 and some days my hands only, feel like it. i find myself enjoying a great Clapton tune from the late 60’s and then listening to a Sinatra tune that I used to think was horrid. Holy cow, I am enjoying it! Actually my preferences in music have finally started to diversify. What does that tell you?

For more than 20 years I knew of nothing but late 60’s and 70’s rock, that real guitar player stuff, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Ten Years After and Zeppelin . I really do not care for most of the stuff I hear today, it all sounds so electronic beat and dance stuff…as they call it. Stuff that I felt formed me as a guitar player … Even some of the sound sets I have on Cubase, I won’t use because of the type of sound it is. I know my being relevant to today’s sound is important but I don’t make it my living but more of a change from my life

Your Crystal World has a very nice mix to it and has some broad sound representation. It is rhythmic and is entertaining to me also as a musician with a great interest in the recording process. I do think you have done an excellent job

Having tried all sorts of convoluted Audiobus mixing arrangements I tried to pull something really simple together, just Cubasis with an acoustic guitar and a Monotron :slight_smile:

Thought I’d come up with something with some flash picking but it ended up exactly the opposite…

No prizes for creative endeavor but what I did notice was how little the interface and the recording experience got in the way when I wasn’t pushing things to the limit and whilst the sound pallet was more limited I was able to produce something that reflected how I was feeling at the time…

This piece kinda reminds me of the style of music one hears more and more in independant edgey films. Usually played while the main character is going through some emotional or mental transition. Sometimes simple just simply works. :wink:

Thanks for sharing.

@akamarko Thx! I think the lesson for me was that Cubasis is a really good environment to make music on the iPad when you’re not pushing it to the limits. (I’d still love it to have a sampler, and automation, and … and. … :slight_smile: )

Miss You … Beautiful song, performance and arrangement.
The other stuff? … well, I’m am getting on a bit :slight_smile:

Enjoyed this, the main motif is quite uplifting and the sound on the final guitar part gives a slightly different feel before the finish.

I was really happy how that last guitar part turned out. I wanted to do a lead but applying the same feeling of the rest of the song wasn’t working. Too much of the same old same old so when I got this drippy guitar effect out of Mobile POD a more spacey and mysterious guitar lead came out.

Btw, I first wrote and recorded that piece 25 years ago on a Yamaha 4 track cassette deck using all sounds from a Yamaha DX-7 keyboard. (No guitar, didn’t play back then) only recently thought about it again and decided to revisit it. I won’t dare play the original, Yikes all that tape hiss! :smiley:

I had a Fostex X-18, four glorious tracks of hissy low band with audio. Have a bad feeling that when I pick up a guitar I play the same stuff now I played back then …only not as well :frowning:
Guess the apps :wink:

Techno beats and grooves being drag through the muck and filth of society! Or am I reading too much into it? Lol :smiley:
Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

Spot on :open_mouth:

My first song entirely recorded with Cubasis: Stream Old Lions (Last goodbye) by Project Pyramid | Listen online for free on SoundCloud