Nice simple but affective arrangement. My wife just walked past me and asked if this was Leonard Cohen I was listening to. :wink:

As a tribute song I wanted it to be simple in form. Thanks for your comments…and your wife must be lovely! :sunglasses:

So Far So Good | ReverbNation Ive had some luck with this program i made a song called Road Trip completely on cubasis, but at the moment the feature i bought $500 cubase for isnt working with Cubasis… i sure hope they fix it soon!

Looks your wish will come true… Also a big staple for me trying to get a very portable live setup going. I enjoyed your music. I am not really a fan of the overwhelming abundance of Techno stuff and your melody was very smooth listening .

Not only am i posting my new song but also its videoclip ( my first videoclip:)

The music was done in korg’s ims20 wich was recorded live by choosing the patterns realtime trough audiobus in cubasis. There were 2 glitches i could not get out, even after resetting the ipad so ik had to cut n past and also made it a bit shorter and then mastered it with the eq , delay and compressor.
This clip was recorded with the microphone, the stereo version is on soundcloud, but still this version sounds very good.
Im very pleased with the result.

The videoclip in youtube:

And on soundcloud:

The other tracks on my soundcloud are done with other sequencer daws like nanostudio an tabletop.
Oh and the good news, nanostudio now had audiobus. So you can do a 16 virtual analog synthesizertrack in nanostudio and do the audio and mastering in cubasis. How great is that!

I’m calling the style Beatz Poetry

Cubasis, AudioBus, AudioShare, DM1, ThumbJam, Ampkit, Level.24, Turnado

All sounds were sampled from the spoken words

hey just messing with my lovely Cubasis and roland GR-55
hope u like it :wink:

Hi all,

What do you think about this, it is also made with cubasis 1.5 with iMini, iPolysix and Animoog.


Here’s a remix of one of my songs. Recorded on iPad 3 with Apogee Jam and Mic. Apps used are: Cubasis, JamUp Pro iFretless Bass, Sampletank, BS-16i, Nave, AUFXspace, iFretless Sax, Garageband, AudioMaster, and AudioShare. Big production for iOS. 20 tracks!

Made this with Cubasis!

here I am!
Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Hey that’s a great work man. Are there any live instruments recorded or completely cubasis instruments?

Great superb

Hello everyone.

I’ve brand new to the forum. I have only recently purchased Cubasis and below is a link to the first song I have produced with it.

Let me know what you think. I will try and get involved with the forum as often as I can.


I made this with Cubase 5.53 Dozinator - YouTube
Importing it over to Cubase7 and sounds much better. Will be updating this soon.

solo guitar with roland Gr-55 but the music playback is from cubasis :slight_smile:))

Hey there,

i just wrote something for a competition.
Started collecting ideas in Cubasis and finished it in Cubase Artist 7.
It´s with german lyrics, that are not written by me
(the task was to compose the music to the given lyrics).



I’m quite new to the world of recording, so the “easyness” of Cubasis realy speaks to me. Here are some of my first recordings in Cubasis (somewhat blurry and unfocused, but it’s a learning process, isn’t it) ; )


Are you kidding? I need to get some lessons from you. Sounds great to me.

My first trial composition with just Cubasis, its instruments and effects. I know there are room for lots of improvements, its just as a demo work. But just wanted to share.