Posting Music in the new & improved forum

Personally, I always liked the [Music] being stirred in with the other Lounge topics and am pleased it has returned.

To help idenify the [Music] from other threads, in the subject line the ‘standard method’ if you will was

“[Music]song title”

I thought this always help sort things out. Any thoughts on this? Seems it would be good to get this going down the best path sooner than later.


yes see what you mean ,although you can generally recognize a song title from a dilemma ," i love you so much i can`t crap" is a dilemma though.

I have to agree with RLS in posting “Music” before the title because a song title can be “anything” and be misconstrued as a typical “Lounge” post. Unfortunately, I’ll miss having “Made With” as a separate section because finding “just” songs will be a dilemma in itself.


Keep the faith guys. When I first joined this forum, it was a crazy active place with " [Music]song title" sprinkled all over the place. I have no idea how or who started the system, but it worked great. Everyone who came to the lounge saw the music and listened more, actually I have no basis for that. I would guess it’s a case of everyone liking what they are most familiar with best.


seems like a good idea…Kevin