Posting rights awarded.

I can now post here, so look forward to giving (and maybe receiving) kudos for many happy returns.

Thanks for the warning… :laughing:

But why do I get the sneaking suspicion that Brains has a new incarnation? :wink:

First round of Kudos goes to Shinta, for their thorough testing of the SLM128 plugin and posting of unambiguous results in the product forum. :sunglasses:

Yup, Brains spotting, he seems to have two identities at the moment.

He’s even had a conversation with himself :laughing:

Somehow I don’t think they they’ll be around for very long since when prions start to attack the “brain” death is always the result.

I was struggling to make a “mad cow” reference (based on the avatar). :wink:

edit: I made this post not knowing what prions are. After a quick wikipedia search, I found that they are linked to mad cow… :laughing:
The avatar and username make sense now. :laughing:

aw, wow! I saw the subject title, the poster’s name and I go " uh-uh, why do I think I see a pattern?" :open_mouth:
Sad thing is … I was right! :laughing:

Maybe I should consider gardening? Naew, not from the 7th floor? :laughing: :mrgreen:


All work,work, work with no fun and games…

Anyone would think this was a user help forum for highly specialised technical software :laughing:

That makes spotting a tad more difficult. :open_mouth:

Next round of Kudos goes to Split (and Shinta) for their fabulous conjectures around Steinberg development priorities putting DAW development ahead of included plugins!

Congratulations on being perfectly sensible and never finding anything to whine about.

My current favorite Cubase function of the moment… Is…

Set Definition From Tempo :sunglasses:

Dam marvelous function that is :mrgreen: