Postion of custom accidentals

is it somehow possible to position custom accidentals on top of the note out of the system?
I would like to get the cent deviations in the example on top of the system like James Tenney did a lot.

No, at the moment there’s no automatic way to position accidentals anywhere other than to the left of notes.

Thanks Daniel,
is there a way to move it by hand in engrave mode. It seems to me it’s not possible but maybe I oversee something.

No, you can’t move accidentals vertically, I’m afraid. We have thought about having an option to make accidentals show outside the staff to support ficta use cases, but it’s not something we have yet implemented.


I for one am awaiting eagerly the ficta accidental property switch!


Me too. I just had a case on Wednesday where I had faked a ficta marking via a custom playing technique, and due to the voices that I had, I transposed the score down a whole step. While the score transposed, my fake ficta did not, and so I made a mistake during choir rehearsal, when I read a sharp rather than a natural (the natural being raised in the new key). It occurred to me in that moment how awesome it will be once ficta is officially supported, because then it would dynamically update if you transpose the score.

How sad that even ficta have to be fake nowadays… :upside_down_face: