Postition of notes in voices


I can’t find a solution for following problem (see screenshots):

On the 1 there is a chord (Ab, Eb, F) played by 3 different voices. But as you can see, its hardly to understand (Screenshot 1), that Eb should be played on the one, because its positioned rather on the two than part of this chord on the one. I don’t know how to push the Eb further to the left. The note also cannot be selected in the engrave mode, so there might be a layout preference to decide what Dorico should do in such a case. Unfortunately I don’t find such a layout preference. Hm.

In screenshot 2 you can see the original which I should »copy« …

Thanks in advance
Screenshot 2.png
Screenshot 1.png

Show the voice colors and then swap voice order the E with the note/voice above it if you want the E to the left of the dotted F note. Dotted notes on the right can also be set as a preference. (622 KB)
Your preferred notation makes it look as if the E is the dotted note. i would expect the dot for the F to be above the E if you want the E to remain at the right of the F. Too bad Dorico does not have the ability to vertically offset a dot.

I’d suggest you experiment with the Voice Column Index, which you can find in the properties panel in Engrave mode. I’m not sure, though, if you can force the dot on beat 1 in the upper voice behind the undotted crotchet of voice 2.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:
Its better with your advice. Now I have swapped the Eb and the F, they are closer. But what I want to achieve is, that F and Eb are positioned like in Screenshot 2. Is there a possibility?
Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-18 um 21.52.19.png
Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-18 um 21.49.40.png

Sure, you can do it in Engrave.

You use the horizontal moving tool to move the E (but you have to choose the square for beat 1 on the F to see the square for the E).
Then you will have to use the Engrave property “Rhythm Dot X” on the F to move the dot to something like 7/8 of a space to make room for the E.

Set the properties like this in Engrave mode:

F: Rhythm dot X 7/8 spaces
E: Voice column spacing offset -1 3/4 spaces
A: Voice column index 2, Voice column spacing offset -3/8 spaces