Potential Bug Detected with Duplicate and Rename Function

Hello Dorico Support Team,

I’ve encountered a potential bug in Dorico that I wanted to bring to your attention. The issue arises when I attempt to duplicate an element and then rename it. Specifically, after duplicating an element and renaming the duplicate, the focus automatically jumps to the next element, rather than staying on the element I just renamed. This behavior seems inconsistent and disrupts the workflow.

I have made a video demonstrating the issue.

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards,
Riccardo Di Paola

Is it not that you’ve tried to search for “wig”, and upon removing those letters from the name, the filter can no longer find that line?

Riccardo, I’m not sure how Dorico should behave here in a way that would prevent this from happening. Since you have the list of items filtered on the left, if you rename the item such that the new name no longer passes the filter, there’s a conflict, and it’s not an easy one to resolve. Dorico could clear the filter, I suppose, which would at least allow the item to remain in the list; or it could somehow allow the filter not to apply to the line you’re currently editing. Neither of those would be especially easy to achieve.

For the time being, perhaps it would be sufficient for you to remember to clear the filter after you’ve created your new item, before you rename it? Clearing the filter will keep the same item selected.