Potential bug in keycommands_en.json


I’m trying to set up Dorico to work with a custom 40% keyboard layout and for this reason need to change a couple of the default key commands.

I’ve however noticed that deleting commands containing any modifier key other than shift doesn’t seem to work, neither when done from the Key Commands window in Dorico nor when editing keycommands_en.json.

Here’s a minimal example of the issue (taken from ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4/keycommands_en.json, please don’t judge my changes, they are just nonsense to illustrate the issue!):
keycommands_en.json.zip (792 Bytes)

Out of the five changes, only the changes to “NoteInput.Pitch?Pitch=A” (no modifier) and “NoteInput.CreateDynamic” (shift modifier) works as intended for me, the rest of the commands will still be triggered when I press the keyboard shortcuts despite them being removed. All of the changes were done directly in the Key Commands preferences except “NoteInput.Pitch?Pitch=A”.

Does anyone else have this issue?

For my own needs, I’ve just deleted the corresponding lines from /Applications/Dorico 4.app/Contents/Resources/keycommands_en.json as well , which solve the issue for now, but I assume that this will break with the next update.

For reference, I’m on MacOS (12.5.1) running Dorico


Is it possible that you failed to also delete these commands from within Dorico preferences itself, so that when you start up Dorico, it is repopulating those commands you deleted manually? (Side note: I suspect you know the answer already since you are trying to edit code by hand… but is it possible that you can make the changes you need natively from within the preferences>key commands dialogue?)

EDIT: I just opened your file, and saw you did use DELETE. I’m not sure then.

I’ve been looking into this and I find that everything works as expected for me, with the exception of the shortcut for Preferences. We are correctly removing this shortcut if you specify that you want it removed, but it appears to be handled at a lower level by the application framework.

Thanks for all of your replies! Since none of you were able to reproduce this, I had a second look today exactly where I left off yesterday and… everything was working, I couldn’t reproduce any of the issues I had yesterday with the minimal config I sent.

Then I went back to my original config and all of the issues were still there, but by removing a couple of lines and re-adding a few of them, I managed to get it to work.

It’s possible that there was something wrong in my initial config, although I really have no idea why only some of the deleted commands were still working yesterday when using the file I shared here (and no longer does so).

Either way, thanks for looking into the issue and I’m sorry for wasting your time!

…And regarding the shortcut for Preferences: I don’t think there’s any need to go out of your way to change this. It’s important to be able to remap context-specific hotkeys, but if someone really needs to remap application-wide hotkeys such as for the Preferences window, it’s really simple to do with keyboard maestro / autohotkey