potential bug (?): Monoloque & VST saving presets location

I found out yesterday, when changing one sound in monologue, that i simply could not save it. The clicking of the button would simply have no effect.
Another strange thing is, that when i try to save, i do not get the options to overwrite a sample as they don’t get listed.
I shall explain myself: saving preset leads to a window, where no preset is in, and the OK/Save button has no effect

Aditionally I found out in other VST’s too, that when i try to save, the destination folder is not the same as in the Load option. Thus many presents get stored in folders, where you don’t know later how to lad them. This is too inconsistent for my taste and would be easy to solve, hopefully with the 5.5.3 release, because I think it’s very annoying to create sounds, save them (or not being able to) and not find them again, cause they don’t appear in the load menu.

Besides (perhaps I sould recreate a thread for that one): does anyone know if the media-bay has restrictions on which files get showed? I have a location with some wav files which I want to lad into the media bay to import them to GrooveAgentOne but the files do not appear in the browsed folder. May it be a 16/24/32 bit incompatibility or something like that? would be a shame…

am I the only one with this problem? Unchecking & rechecking of the folders in media bay didn’t help and prob. appeasrs in several projects, specially since the upgrade to 5.5.3

May it be that the media-bay (or at least my installation?) has a permission problem with the OS?

I reset now the whole media-bay & let Cubase rescan all folders, so apparently all presets, including the ones I made, are appearing… So far so good.

But I am still not able to save any new preset.

To avoid a removal of the existing presets, i tried to set the write protection over the media-bay. this gave me an error-message, that the write-protection could not be set, which led me to the assumption, that there may be a permission-problem between Cubase and the OS…
Anybody a clue/experiences, etc.? I am further digging into this…