Potential Dorico user - guitar tab question


I just want to know if V3.5 can create tablature with stems as per the file attached.



Yes this is possible, and has been since tablature was introduced in Dorico 3 - when only tablature is shown (without the notation staff), you have the option to show rhythms including stems on tablature.

Thank you so much Lillie.

I am sorry to correct Lillie on this, but the Version history of 3.5 adds:

Tablature with rhythms. It is now possible to display tablature with rhythms alongside staff notation. In the Fretted Instruments section of the Players page of Layout Options, you can now activate Show rhythms in tablature independently of whether staff notation is shown alongside tablature.

Thanks to both of you. I just wish the 30-day trial version was available.

Next week!

Oh, well then, next week it is!

Actually now it should be more like this coming week, if I calculate correctly. So keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.