Potential fix for Mac M1 and Cubase 12 crashing

I previously experienced a crash loop in Cubase where on my Macbook Pro with an M1 max would scan VSTs and then crash on the project create selection. I had gone through multiple attempts at fixing this, such as removing all VST3s, deleting the install completely(including receipts, etc.) and quite a few others.

I then noticed on one re-install that it asked me to select the audio interface to use when using Cubase prior to the project creation screen loading. Having written software myself, I guessed that the audio interface selection screen was loading with a check prior to the creation screen every time, even if the audio selection window did not pop up.

I then removed BlackHole: Route Audio Between Apps completely from my system and was able to start up Cubase just fine, with all of my VST3s. Haven’t had a crash in days.

I wanted to post this as it seems that there are many other people out there with similar issues. Cleaning up the audio interfaces on your system, including ones that simply handle internal routing, might help here.

This does kind of suck when you want to use applications external to Cubase, but it is what it is.

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