Potential Note Overlaps When Using Humanize


Does Dorico have a check and/or fix for overlapping notes when using the ‘Humanize’ settings. Overlaps are a common problem when humanizing MIDI note-starts and I’m wondering how Dorico deals with this.

Does Dorico offer an option for settings on fixing note-overlaps. Again, I know this can easily be done in a DAW but am interested in how Dorico handles this.


Yes, Dorico will ensure that notes don’t overlap if you have humanise on, or if you have a slur over repeated notes, or if you have notes at the same pitch in different voices (though I think with that last case it was a bug that I might have fixed just after the last update).

Hello Paul,

Thanks for your reply, it’s much appreciated.

Am I correct in thinking that users have no options to edit the gap between notes for Dorico’s correction process?

No, it’s not possible to change this currently. Do you have a plugin that doesn’t work with the default?

No, I was just wondering. Thanks for checking.