Potential Solution for slow loading or crashes when using iLok plugins Win10


I am currently having this Windows 10 problem whereby the longer I use Cubase, the longer it takes to load projects. Sometimes it even ends up crashing. Here’s what I tried that finally loads the project faster:

Go to Services.msc. - PACE Services.

Quit your DAW. Stop the service first.
Instead of “Automatic” Start, change it to “Automatic Delayed Start”.
Restart the service again.

Now suddenly my projects are opening ALOT faster.

Can’t believe I didn’t try this one out after tons of Windows, iLok and eLicenser updates and troubleshooting.

Hope this might be of help to others.


Where did you find that out? What is that service and this a once only change?

Nice tip - might give this a go

PACE service is your iLok dongle. If you have any plugins using the iLok dongle - they are mainly the reason why Cubase takes very long to load, if you are using those plugins in your project.

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It is a pity that I did not find this thread earlier. For a week I was “struggling” with slow loading times or Cubase freezing while loading projects. I started to suspect my iLok2 was starting to break. By the end, it no longer showed up in Windows. After inserting it into the usb, it turned on blue for a moment, went out and then nothing. Same thing when I put it in my laptop. I started to worry about losing all my licenses. I started reinstalling PACE software several times. Meanwhile, Ilok was shown as not installed in the device manager. So I clicked on Windows to find him and iLok showed up in Windows ever since. Everything started to work. Nevertheless, I bought a new iLok3 and put all my licencess to it. This is the 3rd iLok in my studio. Hopefully, like Steinberg, other companies will move away from keys like Ilok. Legal users should be comfortable using paid software. And don’t be afraid that they will lose their licenses by spoiling or lost the license key. I am sorry to pay extra to store MY licenses on the iLok server. I do not agree to it.


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Also, if anyone is still using the iLok 2nd gen keys, it’s also time to have to upgrade (unfortunately) to the 3rd gen key. It’s not just about being able to hold more licenses, but it’s also alot faster.

I’ve just transferred all my licenses to the 3rd gen key, and now my projects are opening lightning fast!


Thank you.
My current project now loads up within 20 seconds instead of like 30min with this change.

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