Potentially a little Bug With Copying Lyrics

Sorry to use the ‘B***’ word.

If I copy-paste my second line lyrics from a bar with just quarter notes:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-03 um 10.20.02.png
into a bar with triplets, the position of the lyrics is not correct anymore (above every beat) - it seems to be a relative position but not a ‘beat-related-position’
Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-03 um 10.20.15.png

If you want to copy lyrics to a selection with a different rhythm, you’d probably want to copy-paste them syllable-by-syllable into the popover, rather than copy-paste the existing lyric items. That way they’ll get input according to the new rhythm.

yes, thanx Lillie, I know that of course…but if you have a lot of lyrics, that’ll be quite time-intensive and it would be a great thing if whole lines would be copied ‘beat-related’, no?

Well, Dorico can’t know what you intend in advance, Peer. What it’s doing is pasting the lyrics at the same positions it would paste notes at the same positions, which would take the triplets into account.