Potentially confidential information contained in publicly posted diagnostic file

This is a reminder, as well as a feature request.

The Dorico folder, in Dorico’s diagnostic file archive, contains a recent file list. That list could potentially contain confidential information such as song/project names/album names that are in development as well as descriptive hard drive pathnames. When doing work for a client, or working on a project that will be released privately, or at a future date, many users would prefer not to share such information publicly.

Perhaps there should be an option or a preference setting that facilitates omission of the ‘recent files list’, when creating a zip file that will be shared in the Dorico forum.

Does the same potential confidentiality issue occurs when allowing Dorico to submit bug reports?

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Your best option is to email Daniel or Ulf directly, with the diagnostic data, if you don’t want it on the forum.

Of course the log files themselves contain the filenames of each project opened – and it may be relevant for diagnosis to know which file or filepath is causing the problem.

Anonymizing to “project 12” may not be helpful if you need to identify it, e.g. in conversation with the end user.

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When Dorico submits crash reports directly, it doesn’t submit any of the other information that is included in the diagnostic report you can create yourself: it only submits the crash dump file itself. And furthermore that crash dump is scrupulously anonymised, even to the point that it no longer has the original filename. It’s not possible for us to tie a submitted crash log back to an individual user, by design. This means that the crash dumps we receive are used really only for quantitative analysis of the problems that our users are experiencing in the aggregate, and we can’t use them to solve individual problems.

As Ben suggests, if you have any concerns about the information in the diagnostic reports produced by Dorico being confidential or able to be used to personally identify you (and I think now this really comes down only to the name of your user account on your computer, and the paths of the project files you are opening), you are welcome to send diagnostics directly to Steinberg staff members via private message rather than posting them publicly on the forum. You can be assured that we only look at the diagnostics for the purposes of trying to solve whatever problem you are experiencing, and we do not retain them on our own systems once we have finished with them.