Power Light On

Having just purchased a set of CMC controllers last night, I proceeded to connect them up to my PC this morning and I’m pleased to confirm that all is in good working order.
However after shutting down my PC I was a bit surprised to see that the small power lights in the right hand corners remained on.
Is this normal?


DId you connect thenm straight to your PC or to a powered USB hub? I get similar results on USB gear attached to a powered USB hub, untill you disconnect the power to the hub. Some motherboards also supply power over USB as long as there is power to the power supply.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I have them connected to a powered USB hub which connected to a USB port on my PC keyboard which I think is also getting power from my PC.
I first attempted to disconnect the USB cable between Hub and PC the lights stayed on because the hub was powered from the mains.
Second attempt was to disconnect the power to the hub from the mains the lights again stayed on as the power was coming from the PC via keyboard to the cmc’s.
I guess I have to do two things, disconnect power to mains and remove usb cable to pc keyboard unless there is another way?

Hope this is clear. Thanks

It sounds like you have to kill both. I have a switch on my power distributor which kills both simultaneously which I always hit. My midi and audio interface would remain on otherwise as well.

Thanks again, I thought as much.

My power light is on too. Also my fader light. I read your post. I had it in a hub. put it in siguarly and still the same.
Strange. Have the CMC CH. This is with all controllers?

Hello all,

Same here, it is pretty annoying, lights stays on when computer is off. Its not big deal, just annoying. (Slider and PC connection LEDs remains ON).
My temporary solution is to always turns computer power supply switch manually. (which I never had to do before).
I have a Korg Micro-Key with some LEDs on it, I don’t have this problem, when computer turns off, the device turns off its LEDs too.

Is there any chance to change this behavior, personally I have a CMC-CH, perhaps a firmware update on the CMS series will be enough to solve this ?
Or maybe a hardware design prevent to change anything about this “problem” ?

Will be nice to read some Steinberg Team thoughts or statements about this :unamused:

Thank you,

Best Regards,
Zouk !