Power Of Soul

Here`s an Hendrix cover ,done a bit dance style.

This is a great idea to cover and especially in the style you’re doing. The guitar playing really captures the Hendrix vibe; I’d only reccomend removing the phaser as it puts it into the Ernie Isley category. Main thing is ,you could reduce this by about 1/3 as it seems almost as long as the original. Somewhere around halfway your need to bring in something else ,maybe a synth , to show you’re doing a modern version. This sounds good mix wise and lots of potential

Definitely feels like Hendrix. Nice vocal and riffs. Very tight.
Reminiscent of the original Fleetwood Mac, Rattlesnake Shake. Not sure why.

thanks for the positive remarks Mr M ,its great to meet someone on the forum who knows this track ,you are obviously refering to the long band of gypsys album version of the song ,that is one killer album. i cant remove the phase effect off of the guitar that is how i recorded that particular guitar track ,i thought it kind of suited it at the time and i know what you mean about ernie isley. all the tunes i record end up being too long ,im usless at editing id need someone elses ears to do that ,i like to hear every nook and cranny as i`m sure you can tell . thanks for all the constructive advice . D

thanks for your nice comments, yeh i checked out rattlesnake shake ,its maybe the groove of the tune what is a bit similar i dont know ,anyway cheers man. D