Power outage - All licenses disappeared

We unfortunately have dicey power here in this small town, and while I plan to get a UPS on my system as soon as I can, it was not in time for today’s rainstorm & power outage. This evening I went into Cubase Pro 8 to open a project and it gave an error “No valid license found. Program will quit” or some such…I installed the newest eLicenser control software, it shows my USB licenser and the soft version, and I can see all my Products here in My Steinberg, but they are all listed as being on a different-numbered licenser (perhaps the dongle itself and not the soft version) - I have done Maintenance, Recover, etc numerous times and there seems to be a virtual wall between where my licenses are on the Steinberg site and where they should be on this dongle. I cannot get them to add back to the dongle. Thus I cannot run Cubase, tho I ran it fine last night. The dongle shows no licenses on it, and there were plenty. HELP!!! Have searched forums but see nothing on the keywords I could think of. Thanks.

EDIT: This is what I see in My Steinberg - All licenses appear to be tied to the USB, but the only thing my eLC sees is the ‘soft’ version:

USB-eLicenser: xxxxxx xxxxxx eLicenser name
Products on this eLicenser: HALion Player OEM, Cubase Pro 8 and 4 other products
Registered Product Activation Code
04/14/2015 23:16 Cubase Pro 8 [activation code]
05/17/2014 22:29 Allen Morgan Signature Drums Volume 2 VST Sound Instrument Set [activation code]
05/17/2014 22:25 Allen Morgan Signature Drums Volume 1 VST Sound Instrument Set [activation code]
05/17/2014 22:23 VST Sound Instrument Set ElekDrums [activation code]
11/29/2009 01:02 HALion Symphonic Orchestra (Box) [activation code]
11/29/2009 01:02 HALion Player OEM [activation code]
Delete registration
Soft-eLicenser: xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx eLicenser name
No products found on this eLicenser.
Registered Product Activation Code

def one for the steiny support peeps

Try the dongle in another USB port?

Already done that. Licenser itself ‘works fine’ (recognized etc.) BUT licenses residing on it have disappeared. Just wanna get my licenses back on the dongle.

I understand topic bumps aren’t generally looked on nicely, but I have a project for a client I need to access Cubase for and finish. It’s clearly an eLicenser/Steinberg issue, can anyone offer a solution? Would really appreciate it, thanks.

Have you tried the dongle in another machine to verify that it’s the dongle that’s broken?

Do you have a second dongle, and have you read the info about Zero Down Time on the Steinberg website?

Also, contact support, rather than posting here. In the USA they usually respond within 24 hours.

EDIT: Well, I must thank you for suggesting I try it in another computer - plugged it back into the laptop that has 7.5 Pro on it, and it had all the licenses there. (At first it wouldn’t run, same error, but the eLC showed all the licenses after Maintenance/sync.) Plugging it back into the desktop PC it went thru device install, then after Maintenance/sync, the other USB portion showed up and I now have Pro 8 running. THANK YOU IMMENSELY.

Glad it worked out.