Power Plan & Shortcut

Since i made the last Windows reinstallation (a few days ago), 2 thing is happen :
The Steinberg power plan in power options is not there anymore … so i have to create my own Cubase power plan … how to recover the Defaulf Steinberg power plan. which should appear when Cubase Starts ?

The other thing is : Usually in when i made a shortcut of Cubase in the task bar, when i right click on it a choice of my songs (cpr) appears, but it’s not the case anymore , it’s a return to the HUB !

Same here - no Steinberg power plan when CB or Wavelab is opened… - I don’t know if it disappeared with CB 8.5 update or update to Windows 10.

The power plan only shows up in Windows while you have Cubase running, and only if the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme is activated in the Device Setup menu. Are you sure it’s activated?

Ups - it wasn’t…- it works fine now !
Thank’s a lot :slight_smile: