Power rock song with great solo


this is the song that I produced, recorded and mixed for a band Snakebite. Everything was done in Cubase.
Language of the song will probably be strange to you, but lyrics are about Army of Love.


Production…excellent, love the guitar sound and the drum sound, singing becomes a bit monotonous after a while and the guitar solo sounded pretty normal…just include all the usual stuff that guitarists do in this genre, much respect for the skill involved of course but a solo that means something (lets say comfortably numb) is much better to listen to, but very good work…Kevin

Although this style of music isn’t what I’m into these days I did enjoy listening to the guitar work. Most people that self-proclaim their music to have a great solo or something are usually wrong and I was expecting this to also be one of those times. But alas, the solo was performed with very good technique. I began music by learning rock and metal and can play Racer X, Malmsteen etc stuff to standard so I know the specifics of what constitutes good technique.

I think that solos should be centered around the melodic structure of the song and that’s my only criticism with it. I enjoyed listening, but it’d have been more if it contained more of the songs melody between fast note flurries (which I think should be there and is also part of what I want to hear and you didn’t disappoint on that front.) Other than that from the (studio) Satriani style legato (his technique live is poor) to the precision of the bends and harmony are all spot on, can’t fault the solo really in terms of technique. Very well performed, good going. The riff is cool too and also played how I want it to be played with the correct amount of palm mute for a punchy yet not dull sound. A lot of people get that wrong and of course it’s also in the correct amp settings too.

I always look forward to what comes out of your studio. Another good one! The song itself isn’t all that interesting, but you do such a good job for your clients! Guitarist definitely knows the tricks!

Thank you guys for all your positive words. It means a lot to me. :slight_smile:

I love this tune! Somewhat dated, but who gives a f***, right? Nice BIG guitars, great production… all from beautiful Slovenia :sunglasses: