Power selectio

I have a very simple question, or maybe a very simple feature request :
In a layer, how to select everything that is under a given value of power ? (e.g. everything under -50db)
Thanks for your help

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That is a good question.

I also requested a “power selection/db gain/Amplitude” feature to the developer as well. You can customize the eraser tool to a certain db limit but there’s no way to use the overall selections tool to select only the areas around the power or tone or Amplitude/db gain.

Also (looking at it from the bigger picture) (from a developers point of view) a power only/db only selection may be too of a little scope of what you really want. It would be more helpful to not only based a selection off of db gain/Amplitude gain but off of visual representation as well (meaning Amplitude resolutions). For example if there is noise around a certain portion of sound and you lower the Amplitude to a lower resolution, the noise/power area turns black. It would be more helpful to also based the power/amplitude selection around resolution (rather than just the selection tool) that way you have more customization and flexibility. That way if I select a large portion of a sound and only want the power/db gain/amplitude selected while the black area is not selected I can do that as well.