Powercore Canopus conflict


I’m trying to set up an external video for my studio.

Got Canopus ADVC 300 and after some hours of plugging and unplugging, turning on and off I came to a conclusion that my Powercore X8 is somehow in conflict with Canopus.

Canopus does not work when Powercore is up and running. Once I switch off Powercore - there you go - a perfect picture. Tried all variations. Any idea is it fixable?

Intel Mac Pro
Mac Os X 10.6.6
Nuendo 5.1.1 (with newest updated video engine)
Powercore X8
TC electronics konnect 24d
Canopus ADVC 300

Don’t expect too much from the firewire bus.
I doubt that both devices will ever flawlessly work at the same time, escpecially when you are trying low latency audio as well.

Get a separate PCIe firewire card and put either the Powercore or the Canopus on that, but not both.


Just did that. Found out however that it should be X8 on a separate card and Canopus on native Mac FW. Wouldn’t work visa versa.

This is caused by how the different devices allocate the FW bus.
video devices usually use the stream function which most soundcards/dsps do not.

And on top of that, PoCo FW is notorious.


In your opinion, does the PoCo PCIe version share the same “notority”?