Powercore + Mac Lion = Works! :D

Hi guys,

OMG, this actually works - I can’t believe it.

My Powercore FW has been sitting idle for years. I’d thought it was no longer going to work on new Macs since they dumped development.

But then I idly thought I’d have a look on the web to see if anyone got it working in Lion - and they have.

I’ve just got it working in Cubase 6 (32bit). Yaaay! I can use Virus and Character and all those other plugins again.

Just download the latest driver (4.3.3), restart and off you go…

:smiley: :sunglasses: :smiley:

My Mac Mini didn’t see it at first, but a restart soon cured it.


Aloha M
and thanks for the post.

This will be good new for a lot of PCore/Mac users.