powercore plugins randomly disabled

It would be so nice if somebody could help me with this:
Powercore plugins(sometimes all sometimes some) are randomly disabled in startup of nuendo.
If i have powercore setup window open when i load nuendo project i can see the dsp being relocated and there is no overload but sometimes plugins are disabled
Re booting the computer usually helps but not always
I have Nuendo 5 latest 64bit and latest drivers from Tc


I did some research.
Problem is some kind of conflict with nuendos video player.
If i remove the video track - project opens just fine.

This forum is so dead.
Anyway problem solved - i rolled back to previous version of display adapters drivers. (nvidia)


So is Powercore …



Hello Fredo - long time no see

“So is Powercore …”
unfortunately - i just can not mix without certain pocoplugins.


There is nothing out there to really compete with VSS3, DynamicEQ, Harmony4, MD3 and CL2. I could also list Character and CL1B, but these are now available as native plugins.

Not talking about the quality of the Powercore Plugins here …
I have a System 6000 myself, so …


Same here. My Workflow is based on some PoCo plugins. Not talking about most of the stock plugins which I don’t use.

I hope that there is a way to use them in the future. Currently they are running great on win 7 64 bit via internal bitbridge.