powered off UAD plugins don't process when powered on

I have never had this issue ever before with other plugins besides UAD. Yeah, I know this seems to point to universal audio, but they told me the problem is with Cubase and Nuendo.

This kind of reminds me of the broken PDC that was presumed to be localized solely UAudio plugins, but as it turns out it was not, coming at the expense of the user base’s time to find plugins outside of UAD plugs that broke the PDC.

It would be nice if Steinberg could take a peek at this. I do believe the OP should re-post the 1st post in this thread with a repro of the issue so we can conform to Steinberg’s bug reporting standard.

Here some repro steps I created back in 2009…

Nuendo 4.3, UAD 5.5, 3xQuads, OSX 10.5.8

I have scene the following behavior several times over the past couple of years using UAD plugins. Essentially I am occasionally seeing plugins that were saved in the OFF state (no DSP processing) not processing audio after session is loaded and plug in powered on.

  1. add a bunch of UAD plugs to tracks in Nuendo
  2. turn them off, no DSP running
  3. save the session
  4. close/reopen Nuendo
  5. load same session
  6. enable said UAD plugins
  • plugins will pass DRY unprocessed audio

Work around:
Drag the plugin to a new insert on a different track or toggle mono / stereo menu on plugin header.

I retried these same steps in Nuendo 5.1.1 on OSX 10.6.8 just now and was not able to repro, however I often experience this issue at least once or twice a day while working.

That said, these aren’t exact repro that always produce the issue, but as we all know that doesn’t mean a bug doesn’t exist. I’m happy to see others are too experiencing this too. I will gladly post exact repro if I am able to discover them.

Thanks much!

Just had this happen to me.

Attached is a session file (sans audio files).

  • open the session and the very last FX track called “distortion” has three UAD plugins on it
  • power on the three UAD plugins
  • they do not process audio (at least for me)

Please let me know if anyone can repro with my session file, thanks!
Catch me - mix - 15 - new day.npr.zip (181 KB)

Is the rumor true? This issue has been in the database for years?

This *.npr crashed Nuendo (64bit/PC) completely, and the UAD showed that there is not enough CPU power to load the plugins properly.

What hell of a system do you have ??? I already own two UAD2 Quads, but this seems to be not enough :open_mouth:

Matthias, Your comment does not relate at all to this thread.

I cannot repro the issues you described, both bypassing or powered-off states are saved correctly and if changed after re-opening a project, everything works as expected.

So I wanted to load your npr to have a look at it, sorry for my attempt to help.

Oh sorry Matthias! I totally misunderstood your post, now i understand, my bad :smiley:

Yes I had three QUADS, thats why you can’t load the whole session.

This issue is well known on this forum and others and plenty have experienced it. It is also rumored that this issue has been reproduced with non-UAD plugins.

No problem. From what I can see it doesn’t happen on PC.

Btw., all UA plugins have a power-off button that keeps the PDC active, so no audio gaps are created. Isn’t it favourable to use this button instead of the Nuendo power button ?

Not if you want to conserve DSP.

It does, Matthias. It’s happened to me with the P-LIM for starters.
It’s very hard to do a 100% repro though, but it has definitely bitten me in the rear.

Me too…
Awkward, but truly annoying on larger projects…
It is really tough to repro for some unknown reasons, as you say, but yes,… it happens on PC, too.

Big K

it always happens to me on PC…nothing hard for ME to reproduce…

Strange. It really never happened to me … yet…

Nuendo 5.5
OSX 10.6.8

This just happened again to me in Nuendo 5.5 32 bit…

  1. copied two power off UAD insert from one track to several (10) others
  2. power on the copied plugins and bounced their tracks down individually (I assumed the inserts I copied would be processing)
  3. after bouncing I listened back and the insert I copied that had been powered on did not process any audio
  4. went back to the tracks and verified with playback the plugins were not processing
  5. toggled the mono / stereo mode (top right) and they began processing audio again

    This time I didn’t even close the session. During my session, copying inserts that were powered off caused them to not process audio.

This issue is nasty, users should not have to be concerned that every time we mixdown any plugin in our mix may or may not be processing audio.

Please SB comment on this issue.

I would like a comment from them as well, because I am so careful that I actually open EVERY plugin gui to verify things are correct before finalizing. I could save some time if I didn’t have to check. I suppose I could just trust my ears… BUT…

Just wasted another half hour because if this bug. Now I’m redoing my work… UGH.

I too have been experiencing this problem since version 4. User of Nuendo since v1.
I have to do the same things as others have said:

  1. Re-load the project after powering on the plugin or plugins.
  2. Go through all UAD plugs to make sure they are really processing audio.
  3. Move the UAD plugin to another track and then back.

This never happens to me with other plugins.
Also do you ever get the CPU overload message from UAD when you re-load a project that was working fine until you re-loaded it.

Please fix this guys.

Do we have a status on this from Steinberg?
BUMP :wink:

They have not once commented on this issue.