Powering up synth disables audio through interface, help please!

Hi -

Roland Juno-DS88 synth, USB connection to Steinberg UR28M interface

As per the title - powering up the synth disables audio (youtube, for example)

Can’t figure out why, google etc.

Local control is off.

Any help please … thank you!

Do you perhaps have ASIO4all installed?

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Hi @Nickeldome , thank you for your response! No I don’t have ASIO4ALL installed. I use the Steinberg driver

When keyboard is powered down I can hear YouTube while Cubase is open.

Can you see in the ‘sound control panel’ what happens when you turn on the DS88? Youtube uses the default sound device. Maybe your DSS88 changes this when powered on?

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What ASIO driver is active in Cubase before and after you turn on the DS88? Doesn’t this keyboard have a built in audio interface?

What is the usb cable from the Juno connected to?

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THank you @steve for your reply!

No change when turning it on or off: Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO (I use a Steinberg UR28M)

It does. I have ignored that fact, and haven’t intentionally used it.

A USB port in my computer tower.

Thanks again … I hope these answers help point to a solution!

Thank you, @Nickeldome for your reply!

Device Manager >> Sound, video and game controllers - no change in what is displayed when I turn the Juno DS-88 on/off, even though youtube goes mute everytime I turn it on …

With Cubase off - I can hear youtube audio with Juno-DS88 toggled on/off …

For what functionality do you plug it in?

As @Nickeldome said,

Device Manager ≠ Sound Control Panel

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Referring to the USB cable coming out of the Juno-DS88:

I have the USB cable connected so I can:

  1. Send midi notes to Cubase to be recorded in an instrument track. I have not done any musical work yet with my new keyboard, I’ve spent the time so far working on remote control, so I haven’t used the cable for this purpose yet.

  2. Remote control Cubase. I did use it the USB cable to test the Juno built in control of start/ stop, return, and record, and it all worked as intended. The majority of my remote control testing has been through the 5- pin DIN cable, also successful.

  3. I’m not sure if audio is transmitted through that audio cable, but if so I may use the cable for that purpose also.

Thanks for asking, I hope that helps!

Hi @Nickeldome ,

That was it, thanks! Powering up the Juno DS88 changed the choice from the Steinberg to the Juno. When I made the Steinberg the default, i could play YouTube even with the Juno powered up.