PPC only cubase still included in Cubase 6

Why are the PPC only plugins TONIC (/Applications/Cubase 6.app/Contents/VSTPlugIns/Filter/), MONOLOGUE (/Applications/Cubase 6.app/Contents/VSTPlugIns/Synth/) and EMBRACER (/Applications/Cubase 6.app/Contents/VSTPlugIns/Synth/) still included in the Cubase 6 application?

C6 is supposed to be intel only 10.6. Rosetta is not installed by default.

Just curious what the idea is behind the inclusion of these oldies.


While 10.6 is the only officially supported version it was made quite clear by Steinberg that they did not intentionally introduce incompatibilities with older versions of OSX, hence this is included for those that can use it as it is of some value to them and obviously not for anyone that can not use it, as is mentioned in the FAQ

And Cubase6 hangs when you chose not to install rosetta. Crap that is.

This problem is not directly tied to Cubase 6. Yes, Rosetta needs to be installed, since Mac OS X 10.6 Apple decided to make it an optional install. Resolving the hang-up at first start-up of Cubase without Rosetta is unfortunately not fixable on our side. We documented it in the Knowledgebase, already for Cubase 5. The days of PPC plug-ins delivered with Cubase is definitively numbered, but this time there was the decision to still ship them anyway.

Thanks Christian.

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