Ppp vs niente

Hello everyone,

Hopefully you’re having a peaceful festive season.

I set my minimum dynamic level to -4 and my maximum dynamic level to 3. The idea being that I only use dynamics between ppp and fff with the exception that I love hairpins that start or end with an “o” (niente) so I wanted to save that extreme range for those hairpins that come from or go to something even softer than ppp.

My question is: Why do I achieve my imagined playback when I write “pppp(ppp)pppp” but when I write “o(ppp)o” there is a bump in the dynamic as if there was no hairpin? I would much prefer to notate “o(ppp)o” because it looks cleaner and doesn’t stretch the length of the bars. Here’s a screenshot.

I’m using Dorico 5.1 and NotePerformer.

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