Practicality of switching between UR44 and UR12 (or UR22)

I currently own a UR44 which I use for recording. It came with Cubase AI and Basic FX Suite, including VST plugins for Rev-X reverb. Now I am thinking of getting a UR12, which I would use exclusively for mixing purposes (no recording). My questions are:

  1. The Rev-X plugins will still work, right? The UR12 doesn’t support it with DSP, but I won’t be monitoring any live signals anyway. So as long as my computer can handle it, it seems like it should be fine. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. The UR12 has fewer outputs than the UR44 (namely, one L/R and one headphone jack). When I’m working on a project on the UR44 and then I switch to the UR12, I’d like the main output to work properly without the hassle of re-configuring my VST connections every time. Will this be possible? (I suppose in the worst case scenario I could set up presets for each device, but I’d still like to know in advance how “fluid” the transition will be.)

  3. Are there any other issues that I haven’t thought of??

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Guess I’ll answer my own question, because I decided to get a UR12 and try it for myself. :smiley: Everything seems to work just fine across both devices, including the Rev-X plugins. I do have to reroute the VST connections when switching between the two, but this is pretty quick after setting up presets for each.