Praise and Utilities question.

Dorico Team - I’ve had about a week now to use it in the trenches and learn as much as I can of its features. I lost count of the times that I went, “No way, you’re freaking kidding me… this is unbelievably good.” Somebody there (or all of you) really gets the perspective of trying to make a living with it, and trying to shave time from anything and everything that isn’t actually part of the writing process. The Player organization and Print features alone… I seriously owe you as I think you solved most of my biggest problems in making deadlines. I think you’re serious in your goals for Dorico. :slight_smile:

Which is good because I also lost count of the number of times that it crashed - a couple of times where no amount of restarting or rebooting would get the sound back and if it weren’t for a couple of things Ulf had told me… Which brings me to my suggestion: Pro Tools has an unofficial PT Prefs tool which will get you out of some scrapes by cleaning up various config issues that can go wrong. I don’t want to distract you though, and maybe the Dorico community needs to build it…but at the moment I think we could use something similar to clean up after a bad fall. Something to help us get it back to a fresh state in the VSTEngine3 directory lets say, without deleting things you don’t want to delete like a whitelist. Any thoughts?


Sorry to hear you’re having problems with the stability of the application, Greg. Could you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send me the resulting zip file (which will appear on your desktop) so I can take a look and see what kind of issues you’ve been experiencing? You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de if it’s too big to attach here.

Greg, it’s very unusual for Dorico to crash, let alone habitually. I’ve been using D3 daily since it’s release date and it hasn’t crashed on me once (although there were a few quirks here and there). All that to say, I think what you are experiencing is atypical.