[PRAISE!] Aux Outputs!

Thank you Steinberg for this option I just stumbled upon tonight. Let me explain.

I was working with the slice player (quite brilliant actually) on some imported RX2 files and decided to get cheeky and creative (something that is hard for me sometimes!) and create different layers for use with the exact same loop. At the start of each octave I would have a duplicate of the loop slices, however, each layer would have something different applied to it. I would have the pitch higher on some, lower on others etc. This made it very easy to get variations without having to worry about fiddly automation, I can just simply draw the notes where I want them and voila! A problem I was having however was that all layers were playing out of the same output, which is fine unless you want a particular layer to have something different done processing wise outside of what Halion can do inside. The last thing I wanted to do was create another program with a layer exactly like present in another program just to assign a different output. After fooling in the Zone page/Amplifier section, I noticed a small tab for AUX. OMG I thought. I noticed the 4 AUX sends which was fine, however, they didn’t seem to be exactly what I was looking for. Wait… what is that?!! AN OUTPUT SELECTION BOX! w00t w00t! I was able to highlight the slices contained within the one layer and assign this layer to a separate output to play out of that does not affect the other layers. I am able to tweak and sequence within the one program, but have multiple outputs assigned if need be for further processing inside of Cubase. Brilliant Steinberg, great job on this. The last thing I wanted to do was another [FEAT REQ] lol! :stuck_out_tongue: