Praise for Cubase 13

Hi @uarte .
Well, I’m sure that they are working on making both apps closer, but still after such long period of time since the release of Dorico… Cubase changed nothing that is crucial for the integration process. For example the Expression Maps system.
Still impossible to use the Dorico sets in Cubase, no Playback Templates…

I can’t imagine what would happen if the STG company behind AVID start to offer crossgrade from Cubase/Nuendo to Pro Tools… :wink:


It’s all related. It’s coming. Just don’t know when, and believe me, I totally understand your frustration. But I think we’ll get some real clarity by C14/C15. And yes, by then, who knows what the competition will be doing. But I wouldn’t be worried too much about STG. The one Steinberg should be paying close attention to (which they are) on this issue would actually be right down the road in Hamburg at Presonus IMO. In any case, Steinberg is very much aware of what’s happening in the market. In my understanding of the situation, they are making a long-term calculated move, and that’s one of the reasons that they brought the Dorico team on board. Personally, I think it will pay off. But we’ll see in a few years. The one thing I’ve learned recently about Steinberg is that they are indeed playing the long game. It’s a different strategy than some other developers, and so far they’ve stayed in business, so it’s been working so far. Time will tell!

So the topic’s hijacked? No more Praise for Cubase 13?


Hi @steve,
If there are a real design improvements that make Cubase 13 usable, painless for the eyes and pleasant, there will be more praises. :slight_smile:
For now personally I’m one of those who has a serious issues with the GUI design. It tires my eyes pretty fast and I just can’t fully explore it. I’ve tried to follow some instructions to change the color scheme in order to make the things a bit easier for long-term work, but didn’t worked well.
Cubase 12 looks fine and doesn’t tire my eyes in a long-term work, so I would stick to it. :slight_smile:
Actually the perfect GUI design for a DAW, at least to me, is the one that makes you feel in a studio surrounded by analogue equipment. UAD - Luna, Bandlab - Cakewalk and Harrison - Mixbus are really there, especially Luna.
I never liked Ableton Live as a DAW, but I must admit that the readability in Live 12 compared to Cubase 13 is far more superior.

In general there are many nice improvements and new features in Cubase 13 that I would like to take advantage of, but the current GUI design makes it impossible. This is it…

Best wishes :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s hijacked, it’s a relevant side issue IMO.

Here, I’ll give some praise to Cubase 13:

  • Love the workflow improvements (workflow is king for me, thank you Steinberg)

  • Love the track versions for video

  • Love the replace audio in video

  • Love the improvements to the sample track (spectral warp modes and envelope options, yay!)

  • Like the new interface elements overall (although they need some improvements asap as has been mentioned in other threads…)

  • Like the channel tab, seems overdue, but okay, glad it’s here.

  • Like that Iconica Sketch is included. Sounds pretty darn good for a bundled library.

  • Like that the vocoder is back

  • Potentially like the chord pad improvements… I don’t use tools like that, but I might play around with the new chord pad features.

  • Don’t need or want the other new plugins, BUT I like that vocal chain is there in case I don’t have my favorite plugins installed on my laptop, might come in handy

  • Missing some important things that I really wanted, especially ripple editing. That was a disappointment. Real clip gain/envelopes + Dorico features (aka upgrades to the score editor) + expression map overhaul are also greatly desired, but I anticipate C14/C15 to cover those.

Overall, upgrade price of $99 was reasonable, and considering the net positives, definitely worth the money.


Oh, forgot to mention, glad to see mono/stereo channel toggle. Thank goodness, about time.

Also forgot to mention I really like the improved audio routing… will finally open up workflows I’ve been wanting to do in Cubase.

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I actually agree with the UI changes not being great- personally I thought Cubase 12 was the best looking DAW out there. Now with the UI changes, Cubase is looking a bit too much like Ableton’s style, which I don’t really care for. Perhaps in the future instead of completely removing previous UI’s, allowing users to select a previous UI version?

That being said, it’s still the only DAW that I know of that lets you customize so much of the colors so you can tune it to your liking. Nothing like white/gray on a black background, so pleasing to the eyes :smile:

With that out of the way, for some praise: I’ve been using Cubase since version 5 and after every update I purchase I tell myself “I don’t think I need to keep paying for upgrades - this is fine as is”. Yet every time Steinberg always gets me to pull out my wallet :sweat_smile:

I loved the previous updates addition of Squasher, FX Modulator and Raiser, man were those great plugins-- and who can forget finally getting rid of the dongle? Then with Cubase 13, the side channel was long needed feature. No longer do I have to open the channel settings window, taking up screen real-estate. All of the preference and keybind updates are great too~ I don’t recall if it was in a previous version (I don’t think it was in 12), but being able to colorize the transport cursor is honestly one of my favorite additions :laughing:

Hopefully they will also push out updates in the near future addressing some of the feature requests of members on this forum.


One improvement you can render all your Vienna 7 Tracks at the same time with out it crashing.

Update. Spoke to soon. It actually is still crashing rendering multiple Vienna Pro instruments.

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On the plus side:
It’s nice that the “replace audio in video” function is back.
I like the bolder track list in the project window.
The 2 new EQs are useful.
It’s good that Cubase now quits in a flash.

Stop reading here if you want just the positive!

On the downside:
Graphics issues - should never have been released with such issues.
Can no longer change a track colour from the inspector.
Can no longer long press the “E” edit button to open the instrument.
Can no longer select a group in the channel settings dialogue to edit it.

There maybe other “improvements” I am yet to discover.

I’ve actually gone back to C11 - I’ve had enough of all these “improvements”. That rot set in in C10, when they started jiggling around with the menus and the F2 floating toolbar.

The new goodies are a welcome addition, but basic functionality should not have been affected by an update. Yet it has. It doesn’t matter how good a new plugin is if I can’t see my mixer or the fx inserts when I pop it out in a separate window. :slight_smile:

Can no longer long press the “E” edit button to open the instrument.

Search the key commands, you need to transfer your old commands over most likely (appdata folder in windows)

Looking at other DAWs Cubase 13 really is a powerhouse for music production. Tons of functions and smart features but boy the UI is something my eyes just can’t handle.

On top of that Cubase can’t hold user defined colors. Every time I open Cubase its different color variation I have to reset. A notorious bug present for decades even in Nuendo.

And then there are corners incapsulated in border with rounded corners for all plugins. Or sick combination of the two sprinkled all over Cubase UI.

Jesus Christ what an eye pain!

If Steinberg could polish up Cubase UI and add some much needed light theme I would gladly pay again for these updates alone. Otherwise I will be forced to downgrade to some other DAWs.

I’ll praise where C13 deserves praise :

Work flow enhancements ;
The new selected channel for the mixer is a very welcome feature , instead of the shitty red box .
The new behaviour of the Eq on the mixer
The stability of external Fx ( hardware ) Yeeeyyyy (Super biggy this one )
Key commands rework
Once you get over all the faffing about just going form C12 to C13 you are greeted with an ultra stable , solid ,non crashing DAW But after all the FAFFing about is a major point .

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As stated in my original message, yes there are many initial frustrations with the update. This isn’t all that unusual btw, there’s been similar situations with updates before, but we humans don’t tend to remember pain all that well, so as soon as something is solved, we fade out the crippling memories. :slight_smile:

When something that we pay £££ for, works well, understandably, most people don’t jump on a forum to thank the creators. Some positive souls will, but most will just get with their work. Which is absolutely fine.
When something we pay £££ for doesn’t work so well, then, nearly everyone will jump on to complain (myself included) . This is also understandable, normal and absolutely fine.

This is true of nearly all forums, so this is what I meant by forums being negative by nature.

I just wanted to balance out all the (understandable) negative posts (which include mine) with a positive one, as, soft hearted fool that I am, felt for the developers. They’re only people too, probably trying their best.

It’s also true that there are many good points about C13. I just wanted a place to share them.
Here’s another one, someone raised it above. Cubase 13 is the first version since Cubase 6 that reliably quits for me without hanging or freezing.

Yes, I hear you shout, “that shouldn’t of been happening in the first place with an expensive piece of software”, but oh, dear reader, that is a reasonable post for the rest of the world, but this is a thread of calm and positivity, like a mini Dorico forum oasis in the desert . :slight_smile:

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Uum, there’s a thing called 'pride of work ', if you want to go home feeling good about the job you have just done then don’t F((& it up , it’s that simple , there’s nothing to feel sorry about , you can either do the job or you can’t .

Anyway i’m now happy with Steinberg reaction to all things C13 and have trust so … roll on C13.0.20

The removal of the god awful floating menu bar is a miracle. The Windows compliant Window handling just about saved me from moving to Studio One. It’s a joy to use now.

One feature I didn’t originally care about ended up becoming my favorite - Multi part key editing. I now can’t live without it.

Vertical zoom and waveform zoom with the mouse wheel.

Honestly for the most part I like the GUI changes. I agree about the annoying white bold lettering and some of the buttons but I think they will fix that.


This is a mouse command, not a keyboard command. Since forever users have been able to long press the left mouse button over that “e” button to open the instrument.

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Yes, that has been replaced by giving the Instrument its own separate button. So we no longer need to know the secret hidden function.


Muscle memory. Adding the button is fine, but why remove the existing function? Why not just leave it there?