Prayers for Boston (Marathon)

Sending much Aloha,


Yes whoever did this is pretty cowardly! Hitting at civilians and kids! My nieces were right at the finish line area and happened to walk into the hotel there when they went off. it was scary with no contact with them for a 1/2 hour… was a long 1/2 hour.


Very sad and disheartening. The world is not evolving much it seems. :frowning: We lamented on another forum about what kind of world our kids are growing up into, some say its all relative, I disagree, the number of evils has propagated… getting shot at the movies, at school, on the street, in the house of worship, etc. I fear for my grand-kids.

A very sad time indeed.

No thanks. Too much going on in my life right now…

And like most musicians, busy with gratuitous self indulgences! :laughing:

Here we go, another chance for certain members to use someone else’s tragedy for their own self-promotion. :unamused:

Good one!

Sending my thoughts too.

But what makes me “angry” is that we spend a lot time on this tragedy (and we should!) while the recent earthquake in Iran/Pakistan where 50+ people were killed gets almost no mention.

Are Pakistani/Iranian lives somewhat less valued than ours?

Just wondering… Kim

You have to remember: earthquake is something which just happens (some people would say “act of God”) and they happen whatever we do or not. It’s just part of the life in this planet. These terrorist attacks on the othe hand were made by another human beings, who had a choise to do it or not. What you should be “angry” about is we don’t see “prayers” threads for people dying in terrorist attacks/wars/“pre-emptive strikes”/“police operations”/etc all around the planet all the time.

And my condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this pointless attack. (No prayers needed IMO, I don’t believe in any kind of God.)

Point taken.
Thank you


In a society where all things are valued in currency, yes. :neutral_face:

That part of the world is worth bombing back to the stone age it seems, humans die like rats, and it’s OK to start since it’s done to prevent retaliation and the arms industry needs to put bread on the table, too.

Perhaps like the certain ‘Coalition’?

Mauri :wink: .

Hi there Steve, long time no see :slight_smile:

I actually think Ulf was being ironic here

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

And to all reading this: remember that the last BIG terrorist attack was done by a rightwing white christian relatively well educated man right here in peaceful Norway.

This thing in Boston… nothing compared to what that sick son of a biatch did