Pre Amp Gain Problems

Hello, I have a problem.
Once I learned to not move all red faders. I have always strictly adhered to this until now. But now I have a problem. I have a Focusrite ISA One Mic Pre Amp for about 2 weeks and I use it to go into an RME Fireface 400. The problem is that the VU and LED meter of the preamplifier hardly deflects, if then very weak. But the red fader in the Cubase Mic input is already at the 0DB limit. Then I get the feeling that the preamp is not working really and I don’t get the sound I want. When I turn up the gain so that the amplifier works, I immediately start clipping in Cubase. The RME Mic input is also fully turned down.
On my last recording I turned up the gain of the ISA One and turned down the gain in Cubase using the control in the Pre Rack in the EQ window in the track to be recorded. So that I get enough headroom. The result was actually good and it doesn’t distort anything. But the mic input in Cubase was always at 0DB. But I am almost certain that this is also not the “correct” approach. I wonder if i should still move the red fader in such a case. Or should you make adjustments in this situation with the Rack Pre in Cubase? Nothing else can be set in the RME Fireface setting. I’ve been thinking about this question for a week.

How do you connect the preamp to your interface? Do you use line input on your interface?

No. Mic Input from the RME at front of the Interface.

Use line inputs instead…

Many thanks for your Answer. Is my first Time I have written in this Forum. I have resolved my Problem. “Stay away from the red fader on Cubase”. After trying things out for a couple of hours, I have now s got the hang of the setting of the ISA One. He is really sensitive and you can really make a lot of settings. Now the needle of the VU meter moves so nicely now :slight_smile: Without signal clipping. It’s not just decoration.
I bought the RME second-hand and it’s new to me too. Until now I worked with a Presonus Firestudio project. The RME also response very differently than the Presonus. My last recordings also sounds very good:) Like Pro.