Pre Channel EQ?

Just wondering that Pre EQ in the channel strip is actually before the insert or after the insert.
I am aware that I can switch channel strip position pre to post or post to pre, but why there is EQ that has titled ‘PRE’?, Does it mean that even though the channel strip is set after the insert, Is Pre EQ still functioning before Insert? becuase I am looking for eq to cut low before any processing and if it works as I describe, It would be perfect!

The Low Cut is in the pre(amp) section, but it’s not a real preamp just a first gain stage with filters and it is the first in the chain

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Yes, at first that was confusing to me, too and I think it is because PRE and channel eq are in same window. But, as st10ss tells you, the PRE is before all in the channel, independently if you work with your channel strip post or pre inserts. The PRE section does not move from pre position. PRE section includes

  • Low and high cut
  • Polarity switch
  • Pre gain (useful for gain staging)

And PRE is “signal path wise” not together with channel eq. The last moves together with the other things in channel strip if you move it.

So I think you can use exactly for what you want.

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