Pre channel strip?

Is it possible? I am trying to move the CS up. I know i can change the order inside the CS but I want to have an insert limiter after the CS. How? I am using the demo of C7 now.

You can swap the order of channelstrip <> inserts in the channel edit window. Sadly only on a track by track basis.

If I want to use L2 limiter on the stereo out channel i have to open channel edit window and rearrange the CS > insert? (if I am using Channel strip for mixing before L2).


Thats not good. Should be possible with the mouse just like the effects in the channel strip. To many people use third party plugins.

Not absolutely sure at the moment but I think inserts 7/8 are always behind anything + prefader, no matter if you’ve set inserts > cs or vice versa.

Yes thats true. There is also the possibility to have Limiters etc as inserts in the Control Room window. That will not get burned into audio file while exporting though.
It is pretty simple to change the order CS > insert in the edit window.