Pre-count after tempo change - Bug?


Why is it that when I have a tempo change programmed and want to record from the start of that tempo change, the pre-count click has the tempo of the tempo track BEFORE and not of the part where I want to start recording?

That drives me mad! And it makes no sense whatsoever.

(The same can be said when moving whole audio and midi parts including time signatures. Only the parts move, but not the time signature events. Then I have to move those extra… but then the audio and midi events are on the wrong position and have to be moved again. ARGHHHH!!!)


It’s not a bug. It works like this since ever.

Please turn your post to the Feature Request by using the tag.

But why does it work like this?
Whoever programmed that, must have had a reasoning behind why it works like that. And I see no real world use case where that behavior would make any sense.