i’m using the cubase-internal effect-plugin REVerence for convolution-reverbs on my kicks. And i often hear those same effects in uplifting-trance and -hardstyle-tracks from Philip Alpha, Scooter, Interphase and others but: They somehow seem to manage it, to not just put those effects on the already MIDI-triggered Kicks but even -in a reversed mode- in front of the kicks. So a kick is introduced by a reversed convolution-reverb of its self.
I also managed, to get those effects, but via the very unhandy way of first reversing the kicks, then putting the effects onto them, then bumping them, and then again reversing them. Isn’t there a more straight forward way of reaching my goal?
In the attachment there’s a kick with a REVerence-reverb to both sides. That’s what i want to create, but with the ability to also edit those effects in both directions. How’s that possible?
Kick with reverb to both sides.mp3 (40.3 KB)

bounce a kick with reverb tail u like , import it and revers it. now u have reverb tail coming before the kicks attack, adjust it in time to meet perfectly with your “regular” kick+reverb.
didnt try it myself but sound logical to me.(in case thats what u ment in first place)

You’d probably want to make sure and bounce only the reverb return, not the kick.

We used to do this by turning the tape (recording tape - look it up) upside down and recording the reverb tale on an empty track.

I was 2 at the time, of course . . .

A tip I was once given: print your fx then you can do things to them that you’ll never do from the plugin alone. Reverse them, bend them stretch, have intermittent delays, fade them in and out, and that’s enough for off the top of the head, over to you, have fun… :wink:

What I’m looking for (,forgot to mention that,) is a non-destructive way of doing that. So that i can still edit and adjust those effects. All bumping and recording is useless for me. I would like to use all the effects as usual, but in the opposite direction of the playback-direction. So the MIDI-Note of the kick is played from left to right, but the reverb is played from right to left.
But first of all thanks for the quick replies.

Well, I think this calls for a ‘Play this track backwards button’ :smiley: And I don’t mean the project I mean a single track in the project…

However, there could be a non-destructive way using off-line processing. You can apply effects to a clip, in sequence, and still edit them later, including reverse. So, you could re-EQ or adjust reverb and it recalculates the reverse function and any other later effects in the offline stack automatically I believe.

But the best way would be for a ‘project in a clip’ nesting feature, with a ‘reverse button’ on the clip. Then you could create a mini-project and load it as a clip onto the timeline, and then reverse… An even better feature than my suggestion at the top I think :mrgreen:


Sounds like you’re really after a live effect that happens before the event does but I don’t think they’ve invented a time-travel plugin yet. But you never know, there may be a devious ploy you can use. Some reverbs have a reverse mode so if you could figure a way of triggering a dummy at exactly the right point beforehand…but then you’d need to be able to automate the reverse switch or you’d be stuck with handling two reverbs (one forward, one reverse) that you’d have to synch and lose the live adjustment you want to keep, to say nothing of the need to synch the two kicks, real and dummy (which mustn’t sound, of course).

I think you’re stuck with some kind of bounce. But don’t worry about non-destructive. It’s all non-destructive.

Maybe you could devise a macro do at least do the job quicker? “bounce - reverse - move” sort of thing?

But perhaps the best way is to live without the pre-verbs (or use a close-enough version) until you’re ready to print the track, then edit them on as the last thing you do. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what the guys you’re listening to did.

Cool, Thanks! Didn’t yet think about the offline-process history, this might bring me a step forward. But the time-travel plugin is an awesome idea! To sad that it’s impossible.


Since you speak of uplifting-trance and -hardstyle-tracks, those are sample based styles. Those effects you mention are usually done with reversed cymbals or reversed noise. But if you insist on using Reverence reverb, just render one kick, then reverse the reverb, and program it with midi so that it starts just the right time before kick. If you use GA1, it is simple to do it. But ff you lay kicks on one track as audio, just make another track with reversed reverbs, and slide all those samples so that they end when kick starts. In any case, sample based music is best done with samples, really. Print realtime signal, and edit it as audio clips.

Also, here’s another tip, if you’re working with reversed audio clips, move/set the Snap point to the end hit of the reversed sample, then it’ll snap to the correct place with the end hit on the beat when you move it.


OK, back for a rewrite on the subject. You can do this quite easily with Reverence. This said, I think its going to be more interesting with the snare, but it’s your thing.

  1. Take your kick track and copy the section you want to do this to. (I assume this is a momentary effect and not a whole song?) Or copy the whole track, your call.

  2. Drag the copy to an empty track, line it up to the track you copied and bounce it in place. Now reverse it.

3)Create a stereo efx track going to the stereo output. Load Rev and choose a verb.

  1. Go back to the copied/reversed track and choose the efx channel with Rev as it’s output.

Hitting ‘play’ at this point should show your plan in motion. Technically, if the beat is perfect and on 1/4 notes you are going to be in much better shape than if the hit is all over the map. But assuming it is, you will need to drag the original track forward in time (away from the start of the song) a certain distance, such that the delayed hit tail sounds first and then finishes at the ‘hit’, which is where the actual ‘hit’ on the original track begins. When i did this here with a canned loop, it was pretty much a 1/4 note to 1/4 note line up, the biggest part of the wave being the end of the hit in one track and the beginning of the hit in the next.

I hope that helps and thanks for the question, it made me think.

To Mr.Roos:
But then the reverb still runs to the same direction as the playback, meaning that I can’t adjust the length of the reverb tail. And the largest problem coming with that method is, that there are still reverb reflections at the end of the reversed samples, which I don’t want. Or did I get you wrong?
Especially when I want to to the same procedure with backward delay effects, I guess, I definitely need to program my own time-travel-plugin one day.