Pre EQ (Filters/Gain/Phase)


I want to know if there is any way I can route the pre EQ on the channel settings before it goes to inserts ??

What is the “Pre EQ”?
You can switch the inserts and the complete strip, and you can move the EQ within the strip itself, if that´s what you are asking?
Or are you atlking about the filters in the pre-Rack? They are pre-insert by default.

Yes I was asking exactly that. I am talking about the filters in the pre-Rack. For example I want to apply the Low Cut filter before it goes into inserts where my plugins are there.As you said they are pre insert by Default. May be thats why they do not show up in the Mixer window in eq section which is after Inserts. Or may be I am confusing everything

The Pre section is before the inserts.

They do show up in the mixer section you just have to turn them on using the ‘racks’ pull down menu.

Oh ya you are right… I have just started using Cubase 9. Need to figure out lot of stuff. Thank you so much for your help and quick response. Appreciated.