Pre-Equalizer is not bypassed

The EQ’s bypass button should also bypass the HC and LC pre-equalizers. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t.

Moreover, the bypass buttons should be reconsidered in their visual design. They’re rather imhomogenous and a little confusing: The EQ bypass button is grey when inactive and bright yellow when activated; the PRE bypass button is blue when inactive and bright yellow when activated; each EQ parameter’s bypass button does not light at all when activated; the channel strip bypass button is a grey circle rather than a grey bullet; and the insert and send effect bypass buttons are the most confusing, because they’re inverted grey icons rather than a bright colour when activated; and the effect’s name is not dimmed, making it hard to decide whether it is bypassed or not when it’s the only effect in the channel.

I don’t agree. You can use LPF and HPF in the EQ section if you want, or use an EQ plug-in. Then bypass will bypass everything. But if you have a HPF set to clean things up pre-compressor and then use an EQ for gentle tonal shaping, then you absolutely do NOT want to bypass the HPF every time you bypass the EQ.

No harm in making it an option that can be set in prefs, though…

Hm, why not? You can still bypass HPF, LPF and each EQ band with the separate bypass buttons. Why should HPF and LPF be treated differently than the EQ bands?

Compressors, gates, expanders etc would behave differently with filters bypassed. You have filters available in the EQ section already. You can already choose to use those if you wish to have them bypassed at the same time as other EQ bands - though that would be better with more EQ bands available. It makes no sense to me to group-bypass two processes at different points in the signal chain by default. By all means make linking them an option. But please don’t impose this way of working on everyone!