Pre-fader and post fader metering


Do you guys record and mix with pre-fader metering as discussed here?

Would like to hear your opinions.

Post-fader. Pre-fader for recording makes sense if you have a bunch of stuff on your inserts or indeed adjust your fader. But if you don’t do that then you get to see the level just fine with either the fader at unity or just looking at the interface meters or input channel meters.

I only record in PT and I do it for post production and I never need to set to pre-fader because I never run into a situation where I don’t see the input level. In Nuendo I don’t actually record, but I do know we have input channels and it would seem to me that any processing I would do would be on the audio tracks that I record onto - not on those input channels. So in Nuendo if I did end up recording I would simply look at the input channels for input level and then still be able to adjust levels even on-the-fly on the record tracks.

And I don’t really agree with the other points about pre-fader metering when mixing.

That is what I have been doing. Thanks for the feedback!